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Receiving and Reviewing Entries

Now that you've created your Wedding Guestbook and invited your guests to sign it, you're ready for the most exciting part of the process - receiving and reviewing entries! We'll go over how this process works in detail, but first, let's take a look at the process of signing your guestbook.

Signing Your Guestbook 

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No matter how you invite your guests, and regardless of whether they sign on a phone, computer, or tablet, signing your guestbook is a remarkably simple process. Guests are never required to create an account to sign your guestbook, and the entire process can be completed in minutes.

To start, your guests will provide their name and email for themselves, as well as their spouse or plus one if applicable. We do not share this information and will only email your guests if you request a revision to their entry (more on that later).

Once they've provided their contact info, it's time to write their entry! Entries are comprised of four elements: a title, a photo, a message, and a signature.  


The title is a short congratulatory or descriptive message that will feature at the top of the entry. This item is not required for an entry to be submitted, however, we think it's a fun addition that makes your guestbook more personal.


The photo element is what truly makes your Wedding Guestbook so special. Your guests can upload an existing photo or take one with their smartphone directly from the entry screen. We support photos of all shapes and sizes so there's no right or wrong format.


Here your guests have the opportunity to share some well-wishes, a personal anecdote, some memorable events from the past, or anything they'd like! You'll have the opportunity to review this message before it gets printed in your Wedding Guestbook.


The signature will appear at the bottom of your guest's entry and is yet another way to add a personal touch to your guestbook. Guests can include nicknames, children, pets, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Reviewing Your Wedding Guestbook Entries

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When a guest submits an entry, it will immediately appear in your inbox for review. Click or tap on an entry to open it for review. There, you'll be able to review the entry and assign it one of the following four statuses. You can change the status of an entry at any time, except for deleted entries.


Hooray! Your guest submitted a beautiful photo and a touching message and you couldn't possibly be any happier. In this case, click "Approve" to mark that entry approved. Only approved messages are included in your final printed Wedding Guestbook, and these are the only messages that count toward your entry allowance.


Hmmmm. Your guest submitted a wonderful message, but it looks like they didn't realize the photo they attached was out of focus. No worries! Click the "Revise" button and you'll be able to send a request to the author of the entry to revise any portion of it. The request, along with a link to edit their entry, will be emailed directly to their inbox. Once they revise it, the revised entry will appear once again in your inbox for approval.


Uh-oh! One of your guests submitted an entry that you're not too fond of and you'd rather not ask them to revise it. No problem! Click "Reject" and that entry will not be included in your guestbook or counted toward your entry total. Your guest will not be notified in any way that their entry was rejected. 


Deleting an entry from your Wedding Guestbook account is irreversible, so we recommend rejecting entries instead of deleting them in most cases.

 Enjoy Collecting Entries in Your Wedding Guestbook

Congratulations! You're ready to experience the fun and excitement of collecting entries in your Wedding Guestbook. Whether reminiscing on memorable experiences from days gone by or reliving the joy of your wedding day, no two entries are the same, and that's the beauty of Wedding Guestbook.

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