Our Story

It all started in September of 2022. My husband, Adam, and I were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary and thought it would be fun to relive the joy of that special day. We poured ourselves a couple glasses of wine and got the box labeled “Wedding Memorabilia” from the closet. We reminisced over photos, re-read cards, and watched a video of our vows, before coming across a couple of books at the bottom of the box: a photo book from our photographer, and a traditional guestbook full of barely legible scribbled names. This mundane guestbook stood in stark contrast to all of the other beautiful reminders of our wedding day and got us to thinking - Why doesn’t our guestbook look more like this beautiful photo book? It was at this moment the idea for Wedding Guestbook was born.

Now that we had an idea, we started to contemplate how we could turn our idea into a reality. Adam worked in the construction industry and I was an RN, so, while we knew the technology existed to create our vision, we had very little knowledge of where to begin. We decided that Adam would start learning web development, while I hashed out the details of how exactly the guestbook would look and function. As we refined our idea further, we realized that to really pursue this dream would be a full-time endeavor, so, a few months after the idea was born, Adam took a leap of faith and quit his construction job to focus solely on Wedding Guestbook.

As the concept of Wedding Guestbook began to take shape, we identified three key features that we believed would make it truly special:

    1. Personalized entries with messages and photos meant solely for the newlyweds.
    2. A simple and easy to use platform for both the guests and the newlyweds.
    3. A high-quality keepsake book that will be just as memorable and touching 10 years later as it was on the day it was received.

We couldn’t possibly be more excited to share our reimagined Wedding Guestbook with the world! We put our hearts into designing a product that we love, and we think you will love it too.


Rachel & Adam

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